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Psychologist, author, activist

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Dr Nina Burrowes

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The greatest joy, and sometimes the greatest challenge, of doing this work is walking my own talk. This isn't just about what you know and what you care about. It's about how you live your life.

Nina Burrowes
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Illustrated book

The courage to be me
First edition (2014)
Second edition (2023)

Read the illustrated book that has helped thousands of people on their journey after sexual abuse. Meet a group of women who are coming to terms with their past so that they step towards the future they want for themselves.

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An uplifting hopeful book about the human strength to overcome

This is an incredible little book. Not only are the illustrations both adorable and poignant, the sentiments expressed are accurate. Intensely accurate. If you know someone who has been sexually assaulted, or would like to know more of what it's all about, pick up this exquisite book

I thought I was losing my mind but after reading this amazing book I have realised that what I am feeling is natural and I have this book to fall back on when I wobble

Reviews for 'The courage to be me'

The little book on authenticity

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Eyes open to sexual abuse. What every parent needs to know

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Other books by Nina


Online courses


How do people heal from trauma?

A 2 day online course for survivors, support workers and therapists

"This retreat is the simplest, most understandable, most applicable and honestly most enjoyable approach to healing"

Mother Chestnut

Mother Tree

Moving Feminist Activism from Father State to Mother Tree

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About Nina Burrowes

Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist, author and activist. She is the founder of The Consent Collective, presenter of the BBC's Rape on trial: Is the jury out? and Patron of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

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About Nina
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